WordPress Plugin

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This WordPress plugin allows you to upload or select songs from your Media Library. You can then choose to make a post from each one, or use the selected tracks to make one ‘album/compilation’ post from all the tracks.  The posts are generated from the song’s ID3 information.

The GetID3 library is used to pull from many different tags, including Artist, Album Artist, Song Name, Album, Composer, BPM, Year, Grouping, and Comments.  Various fields can be used to create the Description, Tags, and Category for the Post.

You can make Blog posts, or if you have the REMIX theme, you can make Song posts using the REMIX player *.

MP3 files are supported, and MP4 files will be supported soon.

Posts are are automatically set to Draft so you can review the information and set publish dates.

This release is alpha, and is not guaranteed to work.  Sometimes tracks that were tagged using older versions of iTunes or Windows Media Player have data in strange places.  Suggested to convert / set all tags from within iTunes 11 or newer for best results!

* I am not the creator of the REMIX theme, but I find it very powerful for music sites. However during my recent upgrade of a bunch of sites, I was faced with a lot of manual labor having to manually plug albums and songs into the playlist area of the REMIX Songs posts.  I got the idea to save some time by creating a plugin, and got some inspiration from the MP3 to Post plugin.