The Smarter Way to Discover Apps

Based in Chicago, Appgravity is an app search engine for iOS and Android devices. From August of 2013 to July 2014, I worked as Lead UI Developer.

My first task was to rewrite a legacy adaptive CSS site layout, and convert it to a modern responsive, validating HTML5 / CSS3 site with a bit of jQuery throw in.  Although the site is only a few pages, the variance of data on almost 500,000 apps made for some unique challenges.

I brought on board an SEO specialist who assessed the site performance in Google Webmaster Tools, and implemented a series of changes to sitemaps and site structure that resulted in greatly improved results, and began to drive more organic traffic.

I implemented my code changes directly into the Ruby on Rails codebase, created helper methods, and interfaced with the more advanced Ruby developers to solve UI/UX problems. All code was managed through GitHub, and I also handled production deploys via Capistrano.

After designing a simple yet effective Blog in WordPress, I created a custom WordPress plugin that accessed their API via JSON.  This enabled them to display an app ‘widget’ right inside any post.  The plugin is also used to easily generate a monthly newsletter to users of the site, showcasing the latest apps for their iOS or Android devices.

I also spearheaded development of the App Rating and Review features, along with the OAuth Social Media login process that created User Profile pages that displays the rated and reviewed apps.